The nonprofit leader in product philanthrophy is thrilled to have Ms. Fiorina offer her experience, insight and passion as one of the most distinguished business leaders in the world. Good360 connects businesses that have products to charities and people who need them.

With your generous financial support, Good360 can leverage a 70 to 1 return on your investment and transform the nonprofit sector and your charitable strategies.

Please join us for an intimate evening of dinner and preeminent philanthropy with Good360’s new Board Chair

Program Related Investments, principal gifts & other donations are welcome to support our $14 million campaign.

Few charitable gifts say as much about a donor’s commitment to a cause than their decision to put their family name on a charity of choice. Through a principal gifts program, Good360 has a number of projects which can be named.

To enable us to serve the increasing needs of Good360’s growing charitable network, we are striving to enhance our current technology platform. This innovation will allow nonprofits to find, request, fundraise and fulfill its product requirements. In addition, this technology will provide impact reporting and stories to corporate product donors to demonstrate and measure the social impact of their donations, how they are making a difference in the lives of others and to motivate them to increase their donations.

Good360 partners internationally to provide goods for the greater good around the globe. For example, Good360 partners with In Kind Direct, one of “The Prince’s Charities”, which serves UK’s people in need. Because of the enormous potential for growth, Good360 and In Kind Direct are collaborating to raise funds for international expansion and impact. Within the $14 million campaign, $5 million is geared at this initiative.

Beyond standard and principal gifts, philanthropic investments may also be made through Program Related Investments (PRIs). PRIs are a powerful tool to ensure a very favorable outcome of giving so that it can be used again and again. Good360 PRIs are managed through the Preeminent Humanitarian Charitable Fund at the
Community Foundation of Central Florida.